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Hybrid Slicer          
Green Slam F1

early almost
3 cm 20 cm dark green white

A very nice dark green Poinsett type hybrid cucumber. Green Slam F1 has good disease resistance to CMV, PMR and DMR. It is early and as slicer has been accepted where smooth cucumber and uniform dark green is required by the market. Green Slam F1 is the most popular of our hybrids. 

Pirate F1

mid season cylindrical 3.3 cm 23.5 cm dark green white
This hybrid is our latest release. It has a terrific market appeal, being slim and quite uniformly dark green, with extremely slow seed development. It has proven to be extremely productive in the various trials we had in many important areas. Hybrid Pirate is multivirus tolerant and is PMR DMR.
Targa F1

mid early cylindrical 3.2 cm 22 cm dark green white

A vey nice improved hybrid in the Poinsett class. Very productive, uniform dark green external color, crisp flesh, with slow seed ripening. This hybrid is sold only with a monoecious pollinator that will also enhance its production potential. Targa F1 is multivirus tolerant.

Hybrid Beit Alpha          
Damex F1
early cylindrical 2.4 cm 14.5 cm dark green white
Our best hybrid Beit Alpha for the open field. Damex F1 has dark green solor, shiny spineless appearance, and high market appeal. Damex F1 is resistant to CMV, MMV and PMR and has good field tolerance to DMR. Many Middle Eastern countries are already using this hybrid successfully. 
Al Bustan F1
early cylindrical 2.5 cm 15 cm mid green white
This is our new hybrid cucumber Beit Alpha type, introduced in spring 2003. The first results are showing very high potential to excel among all the competitors' varieties presently leading the trade. Hybrid Al Bustan is very high in female expression, delivering terrific yields even under adverse growing conditions.
Century F1
mid early cylindrical 2.4 cm 16 cm mid green white
Hyybrid cucumber Beit Alpha type, Century F1 is in demand because of its very crunchy texture that is required if the cucumber is also used for processing. This factor, combined with the fact that this hybrid has a very vigorous plant, providing high yields, will make it a winner. Resistance to PMR,DMR, CMV, MMV.
Hybrid Pickle          
Calypso F1

early cylindrical 2.2 cm 8 cm medium green white
Hybrid pickling cucumber Calypso is a standard hybrid in the pickling industry. This hybrid has good tolerance to many tropical diseases and is extensively used in many countries.
Carolina F1

early cylindrical 2.2 cm 9 cm medium green white
hybrid cucumber Carolina is a good alternative for the pickling industry, just a little longer in average than Calypso. This hybrid carries a very good disease resistance package.


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