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Western shipper          
Coronado F1
mid early 1.2 kg 11.5 deep samlon **** F 0-2
PMR 1-2, Sulfur
Hybrid Coronado F1 is a rare combination of quality and disease resistance. This hybrid is a round full net, large size, small cavity melon and it has the highest internal quality. Coronado F1 has been declared a leading variety after its introduction to the market.
Don Diego F1
83 days 1.0 kg 12 deep salmon **** F 0-2
PMR 1-2, Sulfur
A mid early full net Western shipper type with a ropey net, fantastic vine cover, and high productivity. Don Diego F1 tested well in Arizona and California's Central Valley, showing exceptional internal quality, with sizes ranging from 12s to 19s.
El Matador F1
85 days 2 kg 11.5 deep salmon **** F 0-2
PMR 1-2, Sulfur

A main season, full net, super quality Western shipper with the highest quality and market appeal. A very nice deep round shape, tremendous yield potential, a vigorous vine and a small cavity make El matador F1 a must for growers and shippers alike. Sizes are primarily 12s.

Laser F1
80 days 1.5 kg 11.5 deep salmon **** PMR 2, Sulfur

An early, full-netted melon in large size with a small cavity. Firm flesh and ropey net make Laser F1 an excellent shipper. Its large size and wide adaptability to different climates make laser a real winner. Sizes are primarily 9s with some 12s.

New Cruzado F1

(UG 703)
85 days 2.0 kg 11.5 deep orange **** F 0-2
PMR 1-2, Sulfur
A full-netted, medium size melon with a small cavity and exceptional internal color. New Cruzado has a good vine with great cover that produces great yields. Look t o New Cruzado F1 for exceptional quality. Sizes range from 12s to 15s.
New Primato F1

(UG 203)
very early 2.2 kg 11.5 deep salmon *** PMR 1-2, Sulfur
A very high quality available in deep round shape. A true competitor to Primo. This hybrid has large size, full net and a very tight small cavity. New Primato F1 should be grown as the early melon in all winter growing areas.
Torreon F1
85 days 1.5 kg 12 salmon **** PMR 1-2, Sulfur
Torreon F1 is a full-netted, deep round Western shipper melon with a small cavity and fantastic internal color. Its vigorous vine provides good cover and great yields. Exceptionally suited for high quality markets and widely adapted in many regions and climates, especially in Central America. Sizes range from 12s to 15s.
Ropey King F1
(UG 1302)
86 days 2.1 kg 12.2 deep orange ***** F 0-2
PMR 1,2,3 Sulfur

Our most important melon released in 2003. Hybrid Ropey King F1 takes its name from the appearance of its nettting. Its flesh is very sweet, deep orange in color, crisp and very musky. This hybrid has a market appeal that is coupled with terrific disease resistance and high production potential. A sure winner and a sure money maker for the growers and the marketers.

Hybrid Super Torreon F1
(UG 302)
85 days 1.6 kg 11.5 deep orange extended PMR 1,2, 3

Hybrid melon Super Torreon F1 has entered the market in several Central American countries where it provides larger size than our leadijng melon variety Torreon F1 while maintaining the same productivity and organoleptic quality. We recommend this hybrid for all areas where size is difficult to achieve.

Processor type          
Processor 303 F1
mid early 2.0 kg 11.5 deep orange ***** PMR 1,2, Sulfur

A very high quality available in deep round shape. Performed very well in the Arizona early growing season, giving large size fruits a very tight small cavity. PROCESSOR 303 should be grown as the early processing melon for the FRESH CUT business.

Processor 803 F1
mid season 2.1 kg 11.5 deep orange ***** F 0-2, PMR 1,2, Sulfur

A very high quality available in deep round shape. A true competitor of Primo. This hybrid has large size, full net and a very tight small cavity. Hybrid PROCESSOR 803 F1 should be grown as the early melon in all winter growing areas.

Processor 904 F1
mid season 2.2 kg 11.5 deep orange ***** F 0-2,  PMR 1,2, Sulfur

A very high quality available in deep round shape. This hybrid is the last chosen of the PROCESSOR melon breeding effort of UNITED GENETICS. It has large size, full net and a very tight small cavity. It will be surely largely tested in all the melon growing areas intersed in the FRESH CUT industry.

Eastern shipper          
American Fun F1
80 days 1.7 kg 13 deep salmon **** F 1,  PMR

American Fun F1 is an Eastern type hybrid melon, similar to Saticoy, with a big oval shape, well netted, very firm fleshed with a musky taste. A must for anyone looking for a high quality Eastern type melon.

Saticoy HB F1

(UG 1703)
88 days 1.9 kg 12.2 deep orange extra SL F, PMR

This recently introduced new hybrid is an Eastern Hard Body melon that combines high organoleptical quality with an extra long shelf life, a requirement in the market place. Hybrid Saticoy Hard Body has an oval shape and a fine netting with hidden sutures. It is extensively tested in all areas where the consumers demand the Eastern type.

Ananas type          
Tunder F1
mid season 1.1 kg 12.5 light salmon *** F 0-2
PMR 1-2, Sulfur
This melon belongs to the Ananas group. Tunder has light salmon flesh, very sweet and aromatic. It has a terrific package of disease resistance that will make this hybrid a winner where Ananas types are grown.
Galia type          
Early Gal F1
82 days 1.8 kg 12.0 light green *** F 0-2, PMR
A very early Galia type with terrific disease resistance, tied to good size and considerable earliness. This Hybrid Early Gal F1 is now used in many areas where earliness is needed, and considering its terrific production potential, it will soon become a leader in its class.
Galistar F1

(UG 2303)
87 days 1.2 kg 12.0 light green LSL F 0-2, PMR
At last we are proud to present our challenge to the market in long shelf life Gallia type, normally grown in Central America for off-season export to the European countries. Hybrid Galistar F1 has proven to be extremely productive, nicely unifom in netting, and of reasonably uniform size.
Green-Go F1
mid early 1.1 kg 13 light green *** PMR, Sulfur
A true Galia type, quite productive and with delicious aroma and taste. The cavity is very small and the yielding ability is quite high. Green-Go F1 is not recommended for long distance shipping. 
Green Star F1
mid season 1.1 kg 12.5 light salmon ***** PMR, Sulfur
Green Star F1 is slightly larger than Galia, with firmer light green flesh and deeper tan-orange skin color at full maturity. This hybrid has a proven ability to stand long distance transportation because of its good shelf life. It is a terrific yielder!
R's Flavorite F1

(UG 2003)
86 days 2.4 kg 13.0 light green **** F 0-2, PM
A personal choice of our breeding team, destined to a very sophisticated quality market. The special sweet taste, attractive external appearance, and uniformity of large size Galia type melon, are the main characteristics of Hybrid R's Flavorite.
Pinonet / Piel de Sapo          
Sapomiel F1
full season 1.5 kg 15 white **** F 0-2
PMR, Sulfur
A very high quality Pinionet / Piel de Sapo hybrid. Sapomiel F1 has no cavity and is very high in sugar. It is a very high yielding hybrid with a tremendous disease resistance package.
Saporoso F1
90 days 2.7 kg 14.5 white extra SL F PMR Sulfur
A new, very large and productive Pinonet / Piel de Sapo type. Medium green in color with darker spots and an elongated football shape. It is a typical Spanish melon that in recent years has caught the interest of consumers all over the world. The flesh is white, very crunchy and sugary-sweet. Our Hybrid Saporoso will be competing in all areas of Spanish heritage.
Rochet type          
Nurago F1

(UG 3202)
90 days 2.4 kg 13.5 white ***** F  PMR Sulfur
This new hybrid, developed by UniGen, has proven  to have 'the right stuff', and we decided to advance it to market testing in all areas and to produce a little seed. This hybrid also considered the first Uzbekistani hybrid presented in the USA. It has medium green,  semi-netted skin, remarkably sweet and crunchy white flesh, and a very small seed cavity.
Rocador F1
mid season 1.5 kg 13 white *** F 0-2 PMR Sulfur
A Rochet type hybrid with moderate size but tremendous quality. Rocador F1 has high sugar, maintaining the typical taste, no cavity, and it gives high yields. It comes with a good package of disease resistances. A winner in its class!
Supermarket type          
Market Dream F1
very early 1.2 - 1.4 kg 13 salmon *** F 0-2, PMR
A very delicious eastern type with deep sutures and very sweet and tasty orange flesh, Fantastic with your 'prosciutto'.
Sweet America F1
early 1.0 - 1.2 kg 13 salmon *** F 0-2, PMR
An early eastern type, designed for greenhouse cultivation. Superb taste, very small seed cavity, and orange flesh are some of the relevant characteristics.
Yellow Canari type          
Canari Prince F1
90 days 2.1 kg 13.2 white ***** PMR Sulfur
This hybrid is our most popular Yellow Canary, mainly grown in Central America and North Africa. This hybrid has very good size and has shown to be very productive under all weater conditions. Hybrid Canari Prince F1  has a smooth skin, turning bright yellow at full maturity. The flesh is white, turning light pink near the seed cavity, crunchy, very sweet and tasty.
Meloro F1

(UG 3002)
88 days 1.8 kg 14.0 white extended F 0-2 PMR Sulfur
A smoother skin Canary type, Hybrid MELORO has been introduced in markets that appreciate that particular type of appearance. The fruit is oval ripening to a golden yellow color, with small cavity and very uniform from the beguinning to the end of harvest. Hybrid MELORO is also very productive and has performed well in extreme weather conditions.
Midas F1

(UG 2403)
90 days 2.0 kg 14.5 white extended F 0-2 PMR Sulfur
Hybrid Midas F1 is the latest hybrid introduced as direct competitor to the European Yellow Canary varieties. This hybrid is very similar in aspect to Orotina F1, but it differenciates itself because of its larger fruit size. We have already recorded incredible yield in the trials we conducted. Therefore we are confident that Hybrid Midas F1 will soon become a market leader in its class.
Orotina F1

(UG 2902)
88 days 1.5 kg 14.0 white extended F 0-2 PMR Sulfur
Hybrid Orotina F1 was developed for the special market accepting mid size Yellow Canary types. The skin is golden in color, semi-smooth, and very resistant to rough handling. The flesh has a crisp texture and is very, very sweet, reaching easily 15.0 Brix. The cavity is very small, which prevents fruit deterioration during transports. Hybrid Orotina has a very dark green vegetation with smaller leaves.
Tesorito F1
85 days 1.5 kg 13.5 white **** F 0-2 PMR Sulfur
This recently introduced hybrid is smaller in size than Hybrid Tesoro F1, but the production potential is quite similar. Hybrid Tesorito F1 has fruits of very attactive bright gold color and a crisp, sweet white flesh which, combined with a very small seed cavity, gives to this mid size golden ball melon our tumbs up.
Tesoro F1
87 days 2.2 kg 13.0 white **** F 0-2 PMR Sulfur
Hybrid Tesoro F1 is a very round yellow skin melon, unique in its look and in its market appeal. This hybrid is perfectly round, large size, with very smooth skin, thick white flesh, and a balanced aroma with high sugar content. It will be presented to the grower-shippers in Central America for their trialling, market testing and production potential.
Tropigold F1
medium 2.0 - 2.5 kg 15 white *** F 0-2, PMR
Hybrid Tropigold F1 is considered one of the most attractive melons in its category. Very high tolerance to Powdery Mildew, intense yellow skin, very sweet and firm white flesh.
Perfecto Blanco F1
late 2.0 2-2 kg 15 white ** F 0-2
PMR, Sulfur
This is a new hybrid melon with incredible taste and quality. This white, smooth skin melon has large size, delicious light green flesh, and very high degree of disease tolerance. For special local markets.


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