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(D x L)
Adriatico F1
mid season 250g green to red 5.5 x 19 cm elongated TMV
Hybrid pepper Adriatico F1 has been released for the growers who like to sell a very firm, Marconi type sweet pepper with straight walls. Adapted to the Italian Adriatical costal region, it is a very interesting choice in substitution to the local "Pescarese" variety.
Hybrid Golden Imperator F1 medium early 280g green to yellow 9 x 14 cm deep bell TMV
This bright yellow maturing hybrid performs well in greenhouses and also in open fields. Golden Imperator has good resistance to "Stip" and has proven to be a very reliable producer over and over. Also, this hybrid is classified in the "half long" category, and we are sure it will be appreciated by growers everywhere.
Hi-Tower F1
medium early 400 g green to red 11 x 17 cm rectangular TMV
Another hybrid for open field and greenhouse. Hi-Tower F1 has very large fruit, half-long type, and has proven to be a good producer and a profit maker for the most sophisticated growers in all markets.
Hybrid Red Imperator F1 medium early 350 g green to red 10 x 17 cm rectangular TMV
A very classy hybrid, Red Imperator F1 is a half-long pepper, quite large in size and very productive, already popular in Europe. It can be grown in open field as well as greenhouses or tunnels. Its deep green and fully matured red colors are very attractive for all markets.
Maxi-Bell medium early 350 g green to red 10 x 11 cm blocky TMV
A superior genetics in the bell market. Maxi-Bell has a very compact plant with terrific cover and full resistance to TMV, and it has field tolerance to Phytophthora capsici. The large fruits are 3-4 lobed with thick walls. Maxi-Bell has a very attractive dark green color, maturing to bring red. It produces tremendous yields.
Nova-Bell F1
medium early . .green to red . blocky TMV, PVY
A beautiful hybrid for its productivity, its quality, its resistance to multiple virus. Nova-Bell F1 is a genetic innovation in sweet pepper. This hybrid is medium early with medium to low plant, pendant fruit habit, well protected leaf cover, and fruits with thick walls, turning from deep green to red color.
Supermarconi F1
early 230 g green to red 5 x 22 cm conical -
A sweet pepper for salads and high cuisine use. Super Marconi F1 is a very early hybrid with a medium plant, pendant fruit habit, and an impressive load of very long, conical fruit, maturing from green to red. This hybrid has been designed for the Latin taste markets.
Oropesa F1

(UG 4104)
medium early 300g green to yellow 9.5 x 15 cm deep bell TMV
Created for the greenhouse markets, this hybrid has also performed well in open fields. Oropesa F1 has been appreciated for its size, thick walls, and for its productivity. Maturing from medium green to golden yellow. In the half-long category, it will be known as a real money maker.
UGX B-67 F1

mid season 250g green to red 9.5 x 11 cm bell TBA
In our trials, Hybrid UGX-B-67 F1 has shown to have high productivity and a good level of disease resistance. This hybrid has been selected for the areas that need resistance to Bacterial Leaf Blight. The red color is very attractive, and it is a very firm bell pepper.
UGX B-70 F1

mid season 240g green to red 9.5 x 10.5 cm bell TBA
This new experimental hybrid was also chosen among many for large field testing that are necessary to establish its potential in the market place. Hybrid pepper UGX-B-70 F1 matures to a bright red color and has very firm and thick walls.


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