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Indeterminate hybrids
Large fruited LSL          
UG 6017 F1
mid season 230 g 5.4 red LSL VFFN TMV
This hybrid tomato has been already tested and accepted in several areas where large fruited tomatoes are required. Good yielder, firm fruit, little ribbing and a light green shoulder are its features that make this hybrid appreciated. The coloring starts from the bottom up, with red flames all over the fruit.
Mid size fruited LSL          
Altamira F1
mid season 160 g 5.7 red LSL VFF TMV C5
Our hybrid Altamira has been tested and used already in various areas in greenhouse operations and has been accepted for its good performance and high yields. This hybrid is in the class of the famous "Daniela" and can outperform many hybrids that are currently in the market.
Mid size fruited Saladette LSL        
Reposado F1
mid season 120 g 5.3 red LSL VFFN Bsp TSW
Hybrid Reposado F1 has been our first indeterminate 'Rio Grande' type that combined Nematode and TSW resistance. It has a very vigorous plant  and can produce up to 7 clusters of very firm Saladette tomatoes in areas infected with the Tomato Spotted Wilt virus.
UG 7901 F1
mid early 110 g 5.4 deep red LSL VFFN Bsp TSW
Hybrid UG-7901 is now in intensive trialling in Mexico and in other areas where there is a need of TSW and Nematode resistance in a fresh market tomato. The results are encouraging, and we are confident that the performance and the market appeal of this hybrid will soon generate substantial demand.
mid season 130 g 5.5 deep red LSL VFFN Bsp TSW
Hybrid Super Cromo has a larger fruit size than Hybrid UG 7901. All the other characteristics: productivity, fruit color, disease resistance, are essentially the same. Green shoulder. Another hybrid with good potential.
Mid size fruited Pears LSL          
UG 6090 F1
mid season 160 g 5.6 deep red LSL VFFN Bsp
This very new hybrid of ours has been only tested in the internal trials of UNITED GENETICS, but it has already gained the right to be produced and to be sent to our major customers for testing in many international markets. It has very long pear shaped fruits, it is very firm, and it produces very high yields.
Mini fruited Cherry LSL          
Moncherry F1
mid early 14 g 7.5 deep red LSL VFF TMV
We are selling this hybrid to various "Packet and Home Garden" seed companies. It has a very vigorous plant, with 6-7 abondant clusters that can produce up to 50 cherry fruits per cluster. A very powerful yielder.
Supercherry F1

(UG 52103)
mid season 15 g 8 deep red LSL VFFN TMV
Another small 'cherry' tomato, already tested, identified and in production. The main characteristic of thisvery vigorous hybrid is the firmness and the crunchiness of its fruits, wich can be grown in open fields as well as in greenhouses, and surely will be appreciated for its productivity and market appeal.
Mini fruited Grape LSL          
UG-Grape F1
mid season 16 g 7.5 deep red LSL VFF TMV
Another small "grape" tomato, already tested and approved in various areas. The main characteristic of this very vigorous hybrid is the firmness and the crunchyness of its fruits, which can be grown in open fields as well as in greenhouses, all over the world.


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