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triploid seedless

diploid elongated
diploid prismatic
diploid round

  • Charleston Grey
  • Mickey Lee
  • Jubilee II
  • AU-Producer
  • Crimson Sweet
  • All Sweet
  • Sugar Baby
  • Grey Belle
  • Congo
  • Peacock 124
  • Sweet Star
  • Cal Sweet
  • Sweet Tango
  • Wandershade
  • Klondike Striped
Seedless (triploid)
Blackita F1
Terrific internal color, firm flesh, and very attractive external green color...

Marita F1
Terrific internal color and firmness suitable for fresh market and for processing...

Sugarita F1
Terrific internal color and dense flesh that make it desirable for both processing and fresh market...

Seeded (diploid)
Crimara F1
Super colored flesh and tremendous yield potential....

Seeded (diploid)
Early Mara F1
Best internal color and firmeness...

Florida Sweet F1
A medium size diploid, with very high internal quality...

Mara F1
Mid season hybrid with good cover and terrific production...

Maradiso F1
The flesh is very firm and the fruit can be transported over long distances...

Mickey Star F1
In the class of Mikey Lee but with larger size and better internal color...

Seeded (diploid)
Royal Peacock F1
Very long shelf life and great internal color...

Sagrada F1
Oval shaped Calsweet type with beautifull internal color...

Samanta F1
Elongated shape, exceptional interior quality...

Super Crimson Giant F1
Dense, fiberless flesh. Very sweet and attractive...

Sweet Star F1
A very early, dark striped Crimson type...

Comparative tables:  seedless (triploid)  /  seeded (diploid)


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